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Sleep: What’s the Perfect Amount?

Sep 8th, 2013

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Sleep: What’s the Perfect Amount?

Why do we sleep? 


How long should we sleep for? 


Is your teenager lazy for sleeping in? 


These are some of the questions Russell Foster, Oxford neuroscientist, answers in his Why do we sleep? TED Talk

Foster also offers some sleep Q & A where he discusses all things sleep related. Foster believes in the need for upper management to understand their employees body clock (essentially the type of sleep they need- i.e. late to bed, late to rise) to gain the most productivity. He’s also working on cutting edge research investigating ways to manipulate your body clock (say if you have jet lag, for example). 


For now, get to know your sleeping habits. Keep track of how long you sleep each night and how you feel throughout the subsequent day. Do you wake up tired? Or do you start the day full of energy? Are you most productive late at night? Finding the answers to these questions can unleash potential you never knew you had. 


Check it out, then sleep on it!


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